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Goshinkan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu currently has over 30 registered Black Belts,  however, not everyone is driven to put in the additional time learning  how to teach others.

For some, the achievement of earning a Black Belt is as far as they  wish to go in their martial arts journey — a goal typically reached in  three to five years. This is no small feat, but for others, the journey  begins the moment they are awarded their first degree Black Belt.

It's hard to tell who the next generation of teachers will be just by  watching a class, but in our experience, it is always the students who  give 100% commitment to each and every class they attend. They are the  students who, after they learn the macro-movements of a technique, seek  refinement and a finer edge to their responses; they are always the  first person to agree (oftentimes ask) to be someone's Uke, be it a  higher belt or lower belt, grading or practice. And as they progress  they are typically the Senpai found helping the lower belts.

Certified Instructors are those black belts that have passed their  Shodan test (1st Degree black belt) and are working on achieving  instructor levels one to three to attain their Goshinkan Menkyo  (license). Generally, the Sensei who has achieved the Sandan level (3rd  Degree black belt) should have completed their full teaching license.  There are 28 courses that each instructor must endeavor to first learn  from Shihan one at a time, then write a written exam and pass with a  minimum score of 80%. Once the exam is passed the instructor must be  able to teach the entire course correctly on their own, once they have  met all the three parts of each of the course they will be able to then  teach that course on their own.

Modern Studio

Can (Kan)-Ryu Ju-Jitsu Ju Jitsu is a practical and effective system of self-defense.

We teach original and modern Kan-Ryu Japanese Ju-Jitsu. In the  last twenty years, Ju Jitsu has garnered a lot of interest worldwide due  to promotions like the UFC, but Ju-Jitsu has been around for centuries.  Ju-Jitsu is the parent martial art of karate, judo, aikido, sambo and  others, and was perfected by Japanese warriors and protectors known as  Samurai. Kan-Ryu Ju-Jitsu is the only Provincially, Nationally, Internationally and World recognized style of Ju-Jitsu in Canada. 

Our Philosophy

There are many different styles of Ju-Jitsu (jiu-jitsu), each concentrating on a different aspect of the art. In its purest form, Ju-Jitsu comprises kicks, punches, nerve-center pressure-point control,  holds, joint locks, throws, and grappling. Ju-Jitsu is arguably the most well-rounded combat art for self-defense.

In Japanese, Ju-Jitsu means "gentle (ju) art (jitsu)". The name refers not just to ju jitsu techniques, which are anything but "gentle",  but rather to how you address a self-defense situation, including your  state of being having reached a certain degree of proficiency.

Learning Ju Jitsu allows you to adapt your response to best suit a given situation.

Ju Jitsu was the hand-to-hand combat art of the Samurai, developed  for use in close-quarters where it was not possible to wield a sword,  and later when the Samurai were forbidden to carry swords in public.

Ju Jitsu is the parent art to many modern martial arts, such as  Aikido, Karate, Judo, many others. Below is a chart comparing a variety  of self-defense techniques to different martial arts.

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